To ensure the protection of your data, the payment page is 3D Secure.

When validating your payment, you can check it in the URL of the page.
The beginning of the site address http://www indicated at the top of the screen changes to https://www.
The "S" following "http" indicates that the transaction is "secure".
PicOnMap offers several payment methods:
PayPal: supports secure payments over the Internet.  All the processing of the financial transaction is carried out on "PayPal" servers and therefore does not pass through the PicOnMap site.  This provides the Buyer with complete security.  PicOnMap can neither know nor store at any time the credit card numbers of potential Buyers;
Stripe: advanced fraud protection and an optimal mobile payment experience.
All orders are payable in Euros, all taxes and mandatory contributions included.  The order will be reserved until payment is received.  The order will be processed once payment has been received.
PicOnMap reserves the right to cancel any confirmed order that has not been paid within 15 days of the date of the order.